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The Viall Files

Oct 24, 2022

Welcome back to another juicy and exciting episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! On this show, we’re back to bring on our callers to help them through the crazy world of modern dating! Our first caller is interested in dating her ex’s best friend, after showing interest when talking at a bar. After spending the night together, and this guy fluctuating in his level of commitment, our caller wonders if this man is serious when he said he would risk his friendship, or if he’s a 50 year old f*ckboy that doesn’t know what he actually wants. Our next caller is on the verge of fully committing to a long distance relationship with a musician. With a lot of positive signs, our caller wonders if she can formulate a healthy long distance relationship while remembering that you can’t cheat a genuine connection with FaceTime. Our last caller is looking for advice on updating her dating app profile to be more appealing. With a refresh of the pictures and a new approach for openers, will she feel ready to go back to take on the dating world?

“Enjoy being excited without getting ahead of yourself.” 

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