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The Viall Files

Oct 27, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files, Going Deeper Edition! Today we are joined by celebrity hairstylist, Laura Rugetti. We’re here to switch things up a bit and dive into recapping Season 3 of Love Is Blind, breaking down all the drama and crazy moments in this new season! Before breaking down Love Is Blind, we get into some pop culture news. We first remember Leslie Jordan and all he brought to the world, then we get the latest updates on James Corden’s feud with a NY restaurant, we then break down a mysterious IG post from Bridget Moynahan throwing shade to Tom Brady’s marriage. Then we get to the recap, debating if Love Is Blind feels more authentic than The Bachelor, Bartise flirting with Raven after meeting everyone else, and the men acting like they deserve a medal for dating someone they were immediately physically attracted to. Then we talk about the men being obsessed with ballerina dancers, the Andrew eyedrop controversy, and Raven refusing to eat in the style of SK’s family tradition. We also talk about Cole’s ‘I don’t like you when you’re mad’ comment, Brennon and Alexa bonding over having different upbringings, Zanab needing to have more confidence, Colleen seeming like she chases FBoys, the fight between Matt and Colleen, Bartiste fishing for compliments, and an intense conversation typically not aired on TV. We then bring on two texting office hour callers! Our first caller has trouble dealing with the fallout of a breakup with a FBoy, bringing a friend on with her to get advice from Nick on how to navigate moving on. After revealing an emotional letter she sent him, she learns to find the fun in dating again and how to approach dates from a positive mindset. We then bring on our second caller who wants to shoot her shot with a guy she went on one date with two years ago, now that she’s single. Now she has to decide if the most convenient option isn’t always the best. 

“He only gives compliments to receive them back!”

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