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The Viall Files

Dec 22, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files, Going Deeper Edition! Today we are joined by actress Chloe Bale as we recap the final three episodes of the Harry and Meghan Netflix series, finishing Volume Two! After catching up with Chloe about everything she has had going on in her life, we have Michelle Tauber, the senior editor overseeing Royals coverage at People, join the episode via Zoom. We dive into talking about how the tone felt different in this volume, Henry's trauma from the loss of Princess Diana, how the media scene compares to the paparazzi in LA, the theatrical language the royals use, King Charles’ thoughts on the situation, and the never complain and never explain mentality embedded in the royal family. We also get into having more empathy after this series, trying to fix family issues in the public eye, growing up being the “spare” of the family, conflicts in emotional intelligence, Meghan and Harry’s expectations of releasing a tell-all, and where we think things will go from here. We then bring on our Texting Office Hours caller, who is seeking help in getting dumped by her brother’s best friend. After feeling a hard time trusting this man in her interactions with him after the breakup, our caller wonders the best way to move on.

“Never complain, never explain!”

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