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The Viall Files

Dec 18, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! And this is a special one… Lewis Howes, the OG Podcaster, joins the household in answering your burning questions. Dating, relationships, exes… All of it. Before getting to our callers, we dive deep into Lewis’ journey from living in New York, moving to LA for a girl, healing through therapy, and conquering 10 years of podcasting. We then get to our callers. 

Our first caller’s friend is a ‘straight’ man who drives hours to stay with him, buys sentimental gifts, and sends him heart-eye emojis. He’s not sure if this friend is merely affectionate, or if he’s hinting at a romantic chemistry. Should he risk asking for clarity, for the potential of losing this connection. Our second caller is a mom and daughter duo. The daughter calls in to help decide if her mom’s 4 year partner is losing interest, or if he has become a red flag. For example, he doesn’t trust her mom, and thinks she's being flirty with other men. Our final caller is struggling to move on from his ex, who cheated on him TWICE. After cheating on him with his roommate, moving in with him into a new apartment, she then cheats on him again, with a classmate. Our caller is unsure how to mentally move on and reclaim control over his personal living space.

“When people want to be with you, they choose you fully. They create space in their life.” 

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