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The Viall Files

Dec 29, 2023

Welcome back to The Viall Files! Today we have another special “where are they now” update show where we give you updates from our past callers to see what’s happened in their situations and relationships since appearing on the show. 

We bring on our first caller who had originally called in about a guy friend who was getting a little too close to be ‘just friends.’ Our caller sent a text, and we find out on this call whether he's gay or just friendly. Our second caller first called in because she broke up her engagement, but was missing her ex. We discover how she’s set her boundaries of needing full clarity, and his efforts to hold her back. Our third caller, who we’ve seen many times, first called in for giving too many blowjobs, with no pleasure in return. She updates us on trying to pursue genuine relationships over empty sexual interactions. Oh, and someone has a penis infection?!

We also have some written updates - our caller whose boyfriend’s business was ruining her relationship, our caller who’s dating someone her sister had a threesome with, and our caller who’s friend wouldn't stop kissing her baby on the lips. 

To catch up on all of these callers original questions please see the show numbers:  

Original Episode numbers for callers:

  • Episode 681: Ask Nick with Lewis Howes - She Slept With My Roommate

  • Episode 669: Ask Nick - I Need to Stop a Wedding in 2 Weeks

  • Episode 659: Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 13 (Original appearance on Episode 583 Vanderpump Recap with Gabby Windey)

 Original Episode numbers for written updates:

  • Episode 666: Ask Nick - My Gay BFF Is in Love With Me

  • Episode 646: Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 12 (Original appearance on Episode 640 Ask Nick - Everyone Caught Feelings During Threesome)

  • Episode 629: Going Deeper w Teddi Mellencamp Plus Bethenny’s Cause, Scooter Braun’s Loss & Taylor Swift’s

“Don't create situations just for the sake of it.” 

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