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Nov 1, 2023

In my memoir: "Daddy’s House: A Daughter’s Memoir of Setbacks, Triumphs & Rising Above Her Roots," which will be published in December, I share many stories over a sixty-five period. But, like with any editing process, some stories do not make the cut. In this week's episode, I share some of those stories. One of my favorites is about the tradition of Christmas and my continued belief that the best presents are ones given from the heart. If you want to give your loved ones a heartfelt present this year, purchase my memoir. I share stories for readers of all ages. Connect with me here at to be notified when my book is ready for pre-order.

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Why Storytelling is Important


This podcast is hosted by Mildred J. Mills. Mildred writes raw and poignant stories describing monumental highs and devastating lows as she takes her reader and listener on a journey of laughter and tears. Mildred survived a childhood of picking cotton on her strict, domineering father’s farm and thrived in a male-dominant IT industry for forty years.

Mildred recently completed her manuscript, a memoir, "Daddy’s House: A Daughter’s Memoir of Setbacks, Triumphs & Rising Above Her Roots." You can be the first one to know when it is available for purchase by following her here.


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