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Dyslexia in Adults

Feb 27, 2023

Episode 9 - How to Discover your Dyslexic Strengths

I've not always been so confident with talk about my dyslexia. there was a time when I didn't portray dyslexia in a positive way. So I know from experience, the right and wrong way of talk about dyslexia. 

There was a point in my life when it all changed for me,...

Feb 20, 2023

Episode 8 - How to Tell People You're Dyslexic

I really overshare, so I have no issues telling everyone that I have dyslexia. However, 'How do you tell someone you have dyslexia?' is probably the most asked question I get.

So, in this episode, I explain how to decide if telling people you have dyslexia is right for...

Feb 13, 2023

Episode 7 - Dyslexia and Dating

Discussing Dyslexia in Adults means discussing issues that really affects adults. And one subject that is rarely discussed is 'Dyslexia and Dating'.

So, in this episode I try to start the conversation of what it’s like to be dating and have dyslexia. What qualities you should look for...

Feb 6, 2023

Episode 6 - Dyslexia and being Organised

Do you fear that you come across to other people as hopelessly disorganised even though you feel like you can’t help it?

Do you find that, in some parts of your life you are super organised, but in other parts you are a hopeless mess?

Do you struggle to recall the third item on...