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Dyslexia in Adults

Aug 28, 2023

Episode 35 - Dyslexic People Work Hard

Dyslexic people work hard and can go to extreme lengths to prepare (and sometimes over prepare) just to feel that we're keeping up with others.

This hard working ethic is a great strength of dyslexia and sometimes goes massively unnoticed by others. However, I have heard of, and...

Aug 21, 2023

Episode 34 - Dyslexia, Change your Mindset

Some times all we want is a new system, hack, or tip that will change how we cope with the  challenges of dyslexia. I say, whilst they are all good things, FIRST, we need to change our mindset about how we view our dyslexia challenges.

In this episode I share with you why...

Aug 14, 2023

Episode 33 - Dyslexia Seen Differently 

What I always hear from people, when we talk about systems to work with your brain, is...

..."But I don't want to be seen differently." or "But I just want to be 'Normal'!"

Well...Sorry...The reality is that...that will never happen. Sorry.

Nor do you want to be "Normal".


Aug 7, 2023

Episode 32 - Dyslexia and Feeling Tired : Rewind 

This week's episode is a rewind back to episode 3 where I talk in detail about dyslexia and feeling tired. This topic is not talked alot about but is so important. Most people don't even consider this a dyslexic challenge.

Epsiode 3 has been our most popular episode and...