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Dyslexia in Adults

Aug 7, 2023

Episode 32 - Dyslexia and Feeling Tired : Rewind 

This week's episode is a rewind back to episode 3 where I talk in detail about dyslexia and feeling tired. This topic is not talked alot about but is so important. Most people don't even consider this a dyslexic challenge.

Epsiode 3 has been our most popular episode and it is so early on in this series of podcasts that I thought it would be worth sharing again as so many people would have missed it when it was first published. The topics are so important and so under appreciated that I feel it was a great opportunity to reshare this episode.

If this episode and topic hits home with you, please let me know via a message (Or a voice message on Spotify) and have your chance to have it shared on a future episode.


The challenges for adults with dyslexia go far beyond spelling and reading which is what dyslexia is most commonly known for.

At Dyslexia in Adults, we are determined to talk about the reality of being an adult with dyslexia, which includes addressing all of the challenges that comes with it and addressing what support is really needed.

Something that is not often discussed is how dyslexia affects energy levels and feeling tired.

In this episode, I explain why adults with dyslexia are more prone to feeling tired and why taking breaks is essential. 

This episode is inspired by the Dyslexia in Adults community 'The Hive' 

Key topics:

- Why you feel more tired with dyslexia,

- Why taking 'Brain Breaks' is essential

- What breaks you need, and

- Common excuses for not taking breaks

Keywords: dyslexia, dyslexic, mindset, self-limiting beliefs, personal growth, reframing, success, can-do attitude, dyslexia coaching, overcoming challenges

***What is adult dyslexia: a Free Guide ***

The free guide includes advice and tips such as:

  • Traits and examples of adult dyslexia
  • How to build confidence with dyslexia
  • Simple and easy to impliment tips on
  • managing adult dyslexia.

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