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Dyslexia in Adults

Nov 6, 2023

Episode 45 - Dyslexia and Saying What Comes to Mind

Are you always eager to say what comes to your mind? Does it feel like you need to burst it out before you forget it!? 

Or, when you are in a meeting, do you feel like botteling what you have to say up, and think, "well it's so obvious I am sure they have thought of it."

Yep! Me too! I think this is very common with dyslexic people!

Well, the good news there is a way around this dyslexic challenge. The bad news is... its practice!

In this episode I share with your what it is do, and what I recommend to my Clients, to make sure you build confidence with speaking up, and that it doesn't sound of jumbled up when it comes out!


Dyslexia in Adults is Sponsored by Microsoft's Accessibility Software

The Be You campaign highlights how a range of Microsoft digital tools can make everyday life more accessible for people with Dyslexia, whether attending a university lecture, writing a best man speech or simply reading a large amount of text online. This campaign aims to reach people traditionally missing out on access to assistive technology, those that are potentially not accessing advice through education or workplace initiatives.

To find out more you can visit their website here!

There are going to be a lot more details about this campaign over the coming weeks on the Podcast so make sure you say tuned to get all the good bits!


Also, don't forget to download the free guide to dyslexia!

*** Free Guide "Decode Dyslexia at Work" ***

Includes advice and tips such as:

  • Simple and easy-to-understand explanation of dyslexic strengths,
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  • Building confidence and learning how to be proud of dyslexia.


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