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The Estee Show - Product Management & Business Insights

Mar 25, 2024

This episode features a conversation with Arven Sheinin discussing the evolution and intricacies of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (Gen AI). 

Together, we explore the differences between AI and Gen AI, using examples to illustrate how these technologies impact daily life, from Google searches to chatbot interactions. The script also delves into the challenges of bias in AI models, the process of training these models, and the nuances of model improvement. 

Additionally, the episode touches on practical applications of AI in professional and personal contexts, offering insights on effective prompt writing and the potential fears and opportunities that AI presents for the future workforce. The conversation aims to demystify AI and Gen AI, showing how they have become integrated into our daily lives while highlighting the importance of understanding and engaging with these technologies.


00:00 Opening Greetings and AI Discussion Kickoff

02:13 Understanding AI: From Basics to Generative AI

03:37 Personal Anecdotes and the Evolution of AI in Daily Life

04:57 Exploring the Challenges and Controversies of Generative AI

06:21 Deep Dive into AI Training, Bias, and Ethical Considerations

10:51 The Future of AI: Training, Corrections, and Societal Impact

18:40 AI's Sense of Humor and Practical Applications in Daily Life

25:06 Concluding Thoughts on AI's Role and Future