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Evolve: A New Era of Leadership

Jul 4, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself; how do I want to show up? 


If something’s limiting you from being the best version of yourself at work, then you’re not alone. Many leaders struggle to show up as their whole selves. Work and productivity mode can be a great distractor and we find safety and comfort in not dealing with difficult emotions. Whether it's cultural conditioning, systems of education, or your relationships with others that have been holding you back, it’s time to transform from a reactive leader to a human leader by becoming more self-aware. 


In this week’s episode of ‘Evolve’, I talk to Kristin Harcourt about her mission to humanise the workplace and how transforming yourself starts from the inside out. Kristen describes herself as a disruptor of the status quo. She’s an executive coach, keynote speaker and leadership trainer, who believes that getting in touch with yourself makes you a stronger, empowered, and more confident leader. Listen to find out more about how Kristen de-layers people like onions, to help them become conscious and authentic leaders, with a human-centric approach to managing a team.


In this week’s episode of Evolve, we cover:

-       What it means to ‘humanise’ the workplace and create a place of safety at work.

-       Why it’s important to reconnect with your body to tackle workplace healing. 

-       How self-awareness can be used as a tool to make you a more authentic leader.

-       How learning about yourself can be the most effective way to stop holding yourself back.

-       How showing up for yourself makes you a more conscious leader and a better role model. 


Kristin’s podcast, ‘Inspirational Leadership’, is available on streaming platforms and a new episode is released every other week. 


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