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Badass Moms: A Motherhood Revolution

May 2, 2023

Bailey is an adventure mom with two little buddies, ages 4 and almost 2. She is an American, currently living with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband and kids in New Zealand. Before moving halfway around the world, she travelled full-time with her family for a few months in their self-built camper van (and some Airbnb’s).

She loves having many projects at once and has worked as a backpacking guide, marriage and family therapist, and volunteered on her county search and rescue team.

She loves a burger after every backpacking trip and a long, cozy homebody spell after each van trip.


Hello Badass Moms! In today’s episode, we bring you Bailey Selland, adventure mom and author of Hiking with Toddlers. We talk about starting with small adventures, how we show up on social media, and the power of being vulnerable. Bailey also talks about letting go of expectations, daring to be average, and knowing which inner voice to listen to.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [02:16] Adventuring as a mom.
  • [03:02] What keeps Bailey going?
  • [05:55] How to start small.
  • [10:18] Holding on to our authentic identity.
  • [14:03] Showing up.
  • [16:54] Being vulnerable.
  • [22:17] Intentionally changing patterns.
  • [28:37] Daring to be average.
  • [32:52] How to know which voice is true.
  • [37:31] What is Bailey daring to be average at this week?
  • [42:33] Bailey, the badass.



  • “You can change the patterns that you want to change.” – Bailey Selland [26:04]
  • “Dare to be average.” – Bailey Selland [30:18]
  • “Moms should think about themselves.” – Kelly Donahue [36:17]
  • “You don’t have to earn that breath.” – Kelly Donahue [46:46]


Connect with Bailey Selland:


Connect with Kelly Donahue:

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·       LinkedIn:            Badass Moms.

·       Instagram:          @kelbel_badassmoms.


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