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Zestful Aging

Oct 8, 2022

Alice Tym played at Wimbledon 5 times--limo and strawberries included. She began her tennis career before Title IX was enacted, when women athletes were not supported by their universities and had to organize their matches and transportation on their own. At 79, Alice is a gold medal winning pickleball player who says pickleball is a way to keep active and avoid loneliness.To say she is sassy is like saying the sun is hot. Funny, baudy and a straight shooter, Alice says that at this age you can either talk about your bowels or hit a ball. I had the great privilege of joining her for dinner at the National Senior Games this past spring. Enjoy Alice’s irreverent humor and zest for life. Find out more about the National Senior Games at: Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at