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Zestful Aging

Mar 19, 2022

Unless you are a devout minimalist you have a lot of stuff. We’re surprised how much stuff we have. Where does it all come from? But have we thought about our relationship to our things? How does it change over our life span? Why is it more complicated than just figuring out something in our closet “sparks joy”? Professor David Ekerdt has researched questions like these over his academic career. His acclaimed book, “Downsizing: Confronting Our Possessions in Later Life”, is not a how-to, but a deep dive into our relationship with our stuff, how it changes, and how it’s much harder to part with stuff than the how-to guides would have us believe. Here’s his article from the Wall Street Journal: Check out for an innovative app that supports mental health. Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at