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Zestful Aging

Oct 15, 2022

For over 30 years as a 4th-generation physician, Dr. Bill Rawls has dedicated his life to medicine. When a health crisis in his early forties abruptly changed his quality of life, he came face to face with the limitations of modern medicine and began to research the vast possibilities of alternative treatments. Today, Dr. Rawls shares the revelations that helped him and thousands of others reclaim their lives and find their own paths to wellness. He is the bestselling author of “Unlocking Lyme”, “The Cellular Wellness Solution”, and is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Vital Plan, Inc., a holistic health company. Learn more at Use the code zestful15 to get 15% off of your first order at I use them myself! Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at