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Feb 2, 2023

"Spotlight on Skills: Cracking the Code to Thriving at Home and Work” The global COVID-19 pandemic, social and political turmoil stresses have increased stress and poor health habits. Employers are working to address diversity, equity, hiring/retaining, building culture and dealing with hybrid remote work environments.

Dr. Farrell shares insights on the challenges facing individuals and employers today and practical tips to address these challenges to thrive at home and work. The Financial Times of London designated Farrell as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders. In addition, he has been chosen by the Center for World Spirituality as one of the world’s spiritual leaders.

His books include the New York Times bestseller “Why Men Are the Way They Are” and the international bestseller, “The Myth of Male Power.” His most recent book -- “The Boy Crisis” (co-authored with John Gray) -- was chosen as a finalist for the Foreword Indies award. Farrell is a pioneer in both the women’s movement (elected three times to the Board of N.O.W. in NYC) and the men’s movement (called by GQ Magazine “The Martin Luther King of the men’s movement”). He conducts couples’ communication workshops nationwide. He has appeared on more than 1,000 TV shows and been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Larry King, Tucker Carlson, Regis Philbin and Charlie Rose. For more about Farrell at


00:00 |  Introductions
02:28 |  Dr. Farrell's Journey
05:41 |  We should be "Open to Hearing"
09:10 |  The Art and Discipline of Love
11:31 |  Mindset
15:53 |  Listening Skills
19:24 |  Family Dinner
20:59 |  No electronics at the table
22:19 |  Make the table a safe environment for kids to share
25:00 |  Parents should also have space to share
26:50 |  How do we move from hurt people hurting people to healed people healing people?
27:26 |  Causes for The Boy Crisis
32:01 |  Dad style parenting vs mom style parenting
39:07 |  Extracurricular Activities
44:39 |  Being a better listener with defensive people
47:02 |  4 Positives for every criticism
51:53 |  Questions from the chat
56:49 |  Get the Audiobook
57:04 |  Thank yous