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Rural Road to Health

May 10, 2024

Dr Wiktor Szczudlinski is a general practitioner who qualified in Poland and is now working in Scotland.  He shares his experience of working as a rural GP, why he decided to leave rural practice, and how he has gotten more involved in health tech and consulting with health tech start-ups.  

Episodes summary:

00.40  Dr...

Apr 30, 2024

Dr Jaka Strel is a rural family doctor from Slovenia.  Dr Strel and his team have built a very successful medical practice in Ziri, which has helped Ziri win the title of healthiest municipality in Slovenia.

Episode summary:

01.00  Dr Strel shares his journey into family medicine and rural health

05.15  Specialization...

Apr 20, 2024

Melanie Hartmann is a healthcare worker with a bachelor degree in interdisciplinary healthcare and management from Germany. She has been reseaching primary care netwroks on the Halligen Islands.  She talks about the unique way in which primary care has been organized on the Halligen and the insights that she has gained...

Apr 10, 2024

Dr Bita Barghchi is a primary care doctor from Iran.  In this episode she shares her experience of working in rural Iran and talks about some of the challenges faced by rural communities and healthcare workers.  

Episode summary:

00.45  Bita tells us about her professional background

01.45  How is the primary care...

Mar 20, 2024

Prof John Wynn-Jones and Prof Mark Gussey are the co-chairs of the 13th EURIPA Rural Health Forum which will be held in Lincoln in June 2024.  They will tell us more about this upcoming event and their aspirations for the Forum.  

Episode summary:

01.15  Prof Gussey shares his journey into rural health

03.40  Prof...