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Rural Road to Health

Mar 20, 2024

Prof John Wynn-Jones and Prof Mark Gussey are the co-chairs of the 13th EURIPA Rural Health Forum which will be held in Lincoln in June 2024.  They will tell us more about this upcoming event and their aspirations for the Forum.  

Episode summary:

01.15  Prof Gussey shares his journey into rural health

03.40  Prof Wynn-Jones shares his journey into rural health

06.55  What is EURIPA?

08.15  What is special about EURIPA Rural Health Forums?

09.35  Lincoln and the International Institute for Rural Health

13.15  What does the Institute mean for rural health in Europe and beyond

16.40  What is the theme of the EURIPA forum?

19.25  What should rural primary care focus on in tackling inequalities? 

21.25  What is in store for the social part of the EURIPA Forum?

26.15  Who is the Forum for and who should attend?

29.45  What do the Co-chairs hope will be the outcomes of the EURIPA Forum?

EURIPA Rural Health Forum - Lincoln, UK

June 20-22 2024

Theme: Tackling Health Inequalities in Rural and Remote Communities


There are 4 bursaries available for students and young doctors.


Keynote speakers: 

Dr Toni Dedeu - Senior Advisor for Integrated Primary Care with the World Health Organizations

Dr Pauline Wilson - Consultant Physician on the Shetland Islands


Abstract submission open until 7th April.

Early Bird registration until 19th May.

Thank you for listening to the Rural Road to Health!