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The Cleveland Music Connection Story Behind The Song Denny Carleton And Friends

Feb 17, 2024


 In Northeastern Ohio the Cleveland ,Akron ,Kent Lake County Area has quite a history of rock n roll . Here is another chapter in that on going  story.


The Window. which was previously named The  Surprize Band were from the general Cleveland area and suburbs and played locally from 1980 to 1989. The band Did  mostly 60’s, and a few 80’s .played about three times a week but recorded some original


Most of the tunes have been released before but  having them in one download-album download paints more of a picture of the band and the recording studio Angel Recording, where most of the songs were recorded.  


This download consist of 7 songs recorded in that time most with Power Pop feel. These have been all remastered by Mark Luthardt . Mark has done an excellent job managing to keep the original sound but enhance it by bringing out some sounds that had been buried . 


This is an attempt to Fill in Blank of the bands part in the general music scene in the Cleveland music world in the mid 1980,s,


More info and history and stories