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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

May 22, 2024

On Pentecost, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit as recorded in Acts 2. The Spirit gives to us an internalization of God's law by informing us about how to live in the path of Jesus Christ.

Grab your Bible and join us as we explore Exodus 21-23 and discover how God brings us together through His Holy Spirit.

May 14, 2024

In part three of our mini-series-within-our-Exodus series, we look at the final five of the Ten Commandments. This section helps inform us about how to treat one another. Importantly, as we consider Jesus' commands, and the other New Testament commandments, we discover the highest of God's instructions for each of us.

May 7, 2024

In part two of our mini-series-within-our-Exodus series, we look at the fifth commandment of the Ten Commandments. Exodus 20:12 teaches us to "honor our father and mother..." but, as it does, it also challenges us to ask ourselves a hard question:

"Am I living a life worthy of the honor of the next generation?"


May 2, 2024

The Ten Commandments are often either disregarded as irrelevant or overemphasized in prideful legalism. In this message, taught by Dr. Caleb Brown, we begin a three part mini-series looking at the Ten Commandments and asking how are they relevant to us today? Are they relevant at all? 

Grab your Bible as we dig into the...

Apr 30, 2024

To start something implies we have some end in mind. Much like racers on a track, we have a finish line or goal to work towards.

In this message, recorded live at Dirt Church in Georgetown, Indiana, we lean into asking what that looks like in our relationship with God. Then, we end with a challenge to begin working...