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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

Apr 26, 2023

Partially based on content from the book: Escape - The Traps of Christianity, we continue our series with part two and examine the trap of denial.

In Jonah we see rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger. The wayward prophet falls into these self-induced traps even though he is a professed believer of God. Worse yet, he is a leader and called by God to lead people to forgiveness and mercy. He ends up leading people astray.

How is such a disconnect possible?

Join us as we explore the Bible for answers to combatting the traps of faith found in Jonah's story. In this episode, we dive into the challenge of spiritual apathy, or indifference when action would make a difference.


Key Scriptures in this Episode

  1. Jonah 4:2
  2. Genesis 4:1-12
  3. Matthew 22:37-39
  4. James 2:14-19
  5. Jonah 2:7-10
  6. Matthew 16:24-25
  7. Hebrews 11:1-4
  8. Revelation 3:14-20
  9. 2 Timothy 2:8-13


About This Series

This mini-series of messages was recorded live at Christian Academy of Indiana during their high school chapel. Michael served as a guest speaker there and taught using content from his book: Escape - The Traps of Christianity.

In this series, we define the traps seen in a follower of God, specifically the Prophet Jonah. Then, we explore the Bible for the origin of the problem, seek wisdom from the teachings of Jesus, and offer a solution for escaping the traps of our modern faith.

Here is a basic outline for this three-part series:

  1. Apathy vs. Passion
  2. Denial vs. Faith
  3. Anger vs. Love


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