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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

Mar 28, 2023

Jesus teaches us that what we are most connected to will determine the fruit we produce. Then, He urges us to be connected to Him, the true vine.

Listen to this week's message and learn about the challenges of a world filled with anxiety. Together, we will seek to unplug from the many things that cause fear and worry in our lives, as we more truly are rooted in Christ!

Key scriptures in this episode include:

  1. John 13:1-15:25


I Am. Love is a series written to take us through the Book of John, and through the Easter season. These teachings explore the meaning of God's love and dive deep into John's unique gospel message.

John has much to say about love; yet, this love is hard for us to fully grasp. It is unconditional and all encompassing. At the same time, it is mysterious and miraculous. The more we study God's love, the more we find it is simply perfect; and, we are not.

Still, John teaches us that God's perfect love is for all people. It is for all the world, especially the imperfect.

Grab your Bible and be immersed into the story of Jesus by exploring His model of grace, truth, and love as recorded in the Book of John.