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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

Mar 7, 2023

For this message, we cover a huge swath of scripture with an emphasis on the labels placed on us by ourselves and others. We caution looking at others and labelling them. Then, we discover the label God Himself has spoken over each and everyone one of us!

Key scriptures in this episode include:

  1. John 4:1 - 6:71
  2. Psalm 32:1-5
  3. John 21:25


I Am. Love is a series written to take us through the Book of John, and through the Easter season. These teachings explore the meaning of God's love and dive deep into John's unique gospel message.

John has much to say about love; yet, this love is hard for us to fully grasp. It is unconditional and all encompassing. At the same time, it is mysterious and miraculous. The more we study God's love, the more we find it is simply perfect; and, we are not.

Still, John teaches us that God's perfect love is for all people. It is for all the world, especially the imperfect.

Grab your Bible and be immersed into the story of Jesus by exploring His model of grace, truth, and love as recorded in the Book of John.


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Michael is on a year long exploration to understand God's love. You can join in the journey, and invite others to participate, by following the group "God Called Love" on Facebook.

This message was recorded LIVE at Tunnel Hill Christian Church in Georgetown, Indiana, USA.