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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

Nov 7, 2023

Honeybee reproduction includes a fascinating process that includes swarming. Seeing how the bees move together as part of their reproductive cycle can teach us much about the process of disciple-making. 

Both include duplication and replication.

While bees share their genetic material through a complex process that includes creating a new queen and splitting their existing colongy, the church also has a type of DNA that makes up our core values. It directs us and provides purpose.

Discipleship, therefore, is a type of reproduction on a spiritual level.

When we get fully connected and trained up in the Lord, we too move like a type of swarm. We go out en masse, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and it stems from the hope-filled knowledge of a God that loves us completely.

Join us as we learn how the knowledge of His love compels us to action, moves us to tell others, and to complete the Great Commission.


About This Series

Hope & Honeybess is an original sermon series recorded live at Tunnel Hill Christian Church in Georgetown, Indiana. This series explores the biblical message of hope from Genesis through Revelation. It also covers material from Michael J. Chanley's book: Hope & Honeybees: Lessons of Faith From a Local Beekeeper. In this new book, Michael applies lessons he learned as a beekeeper and extracts a powerfully, inspirational analogy of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

You can buy Hope & Honeybees: Lessons of Faith From a Local Beekeeper almost everywhere. A list of vendors and ordering options can be found here: find Hope & Honeybees.


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