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Michael J. Chanley Teachings

May 31, 2023

After Jesus' ascends into heaven, the disciples are left with His marching orders to continue the work He began. This Great Commission compels them to move forward; but, how? How do can do they carry on? In their own strength or in God's?

On Pentecost, we celebrate the coming of the promised helper, the Holy Spirit. He is a free gift for all who will receive Jesus Christ. In today's message, we look at the Book of Acts to better understand the Holy Spirit.

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What does the Spirit do? 
  • How do we receive the Spirit?

Grab your Bible and join us as we open God's Word to begin this exciting study through the second half of the Book of Acts. We will explore relevant truths, challenges to love one another, and opportunities to be the Church in our modern, hectice world.


About This Series

Being the Church - Love in Action is a series based on the New Testament Book of Acts. Recorded live at Tunnel Hill Christian Church in Georgetown, Indiana, this series explores Acts 12 - 28 with an emphasis on the message of love in action. 


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