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The Roll Down

Jul 7, 2021

This episode is a thought-provoking discussion about the many and varied topics we’ve covered in Season 1 from the state of our country to the multifaceted suffering we endure and everything in between. Our guests share about the ways that they were met, challenged, and spurred on towards hope and healing in their pursuit of justice. 


We are being joined by a returning and beloved guest, Emma Tautolo, as well as by first time guests, Sandra Van Opstal and Tyler Burns. Sandra is the Executive Director and Founder of Chasing Justice and Tyler is the VP of Brand & Story for Chasing Justice as well as the President of The Witness BCC.



Venmo @EmmaTautolo 


Host: Alethea Lamberson & Matthew Melendrez

Guests: Emma Tautolo, Sandra Van Opstal, Tyler Burns

Guest IG: @etautolo @sandravanopstal @burnsclan_

Producer: Caleb Dea

Social Media & Marketing: Jazzlyn Venkataya

Designer: Cameron Stingley

Admin Assistant: Alexandra Suarez


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