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The Roll Down

Mar 10, 2021

Liberating Women Series: The Roll Down’s first series is focused on the liberation of Women. The path for women to experience liberation is complex and layered as there are many facets contributing to the historic and modern day oppression of women. We hope this series first and foremost will bring healing and freedom to all women who listen, especially Women of Color. Secondly, we hope this can be educational for our listeners to learn about and have tangible ways to be allies and break down the demonic forms of oppression on women.  


This is part 1 of 4 episodes and today’s topic is on liberating women from spiritual abuse and the ways the bible has been used to limit women’s freedom to teach, preach, and lead. 


Host: Alethea Lamberson & Matthew Melendrez 

Guest: Emma Tautolo 

Producer: Caleb Dea

Social Media & Marketing: Jazzlyn Venkataya

Designer: Cameron Stingley


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