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The Roll Down

Mar 9, 2023

This episode is a powerful invitation towards reclaiming our identity and what it means to be resilient. Our guest and friend, Sandhya Oaks, walks us through some of the ways that she (and we) can return to the core of who we are by slowly taking back our God given identities through the hard but beautiful and necessary journey of story work. 


Sandhya is a Speaker, Ministry leader, Story Coach, and Spiritual Director. Born in India and adopted as a Transracial Adoptee in the Midwest, her story lends to walking with others through identity reclamation and creating experiences that restore. 


Sandhya holds three Certificates in Narrative Focused Trauma Care and a Certificate in Resilient Leadership from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, along with a Certificate in Narrative Trauma Story Work through the Restoration Institute Training Program. Additionally, she recently completed her Trauma Care Group Training Certificate through The Art of Living Counseling Center. Alongside story coaching, Sandhya is a trained Spiritual Director. 


She has provided hope and healing through the TEDx stage as she shared her story: “Awakening to My Name”. Her good work has also been experienced through Sojourners, Someday is Here, and Red Tent Living.


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