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Boyers Not Ballers

May 8, 2024

The fellas are back with an all new episode focused on the Eastern and Western Conference semifinals. First the boyers react to the Celtics beating the Cavs (2:30 - 22:00) before breaking down the Thunder Mavs game live as it plays out (22:15 - 26:40). From there they get into the Monday night games. How bad was Denver's attitude? And is Minnesota going to sweep? (26:50 -46:00). Meanwhile in New York the Knicks are stealing games, literally. The guys react to a questionable game 1 Knick win (46:30 - 58:30) before closing out with some housekeeping, including ROY and DPOY winners, and Pat Riley calling out his team. (58:40 - 1:05:00)