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Boyers Not Ballers

Apr 24, 2024

It's Playoff Time! And the Boyers are here to analyze Every. Single. Series. 

First, they discuss the Timberwolves huge Game 2 win over the Phoenix Suns and if the Suns are finished (2:15). Then the Boyers break down the Pacers downing Milwaukee in Game 2 including the return of Playoff Pascal (10:10) and after, the Clippers and Mavericks (16:35).

Next, Henry and CJ analyze the games from prior days including the downright dominant Denver Nuggets and where the Lakers go from here (20:25). The Knicks wild win over the 76ers at MSG (36:35). The Magic-Cavaliers series and how brutal it is to watch (50:10). The Pelicans almost upsetting the OKC Thunder in Game 1 (55:40) And lastly, the Boston Celtics blowing out the Miami Heat, and they ask... can Miami even win one game (1:02:35)?

Lastly, CJ and Henry react to the NBA Player Poll from The Athletic including asking if people really know what "underrated" means and... will LeBron ever catch Jordan? (1:08:00)