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Don't Forget Yoga Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered how important it is to pronounce a Sanskrit mantra correctly? This episode will provide you with an answer, and give you a little insight into the importance of Sanskrit in yoga. 

I met our guest Manorama in 2011 when she came to teach the Sanskrit module at the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training. I...

Mar 25, 2023

Have you ever noticed that a really great yoga class feels like a song? The breathing creates a rhythm, the teacher's voice moves like a melody, and the emotion rises and falls until we land gently in Shavasana. 

My guest Juju Stulbach was a dancer before she became a yoga teacher. Juju grew up in Brazil and moved to...

Mar 11, 2023


Vasisthasana (वसिष्ठासन vasiṣṭhāsana) is the Sanskrit name for side plank pose, and it turns out lots of us yoga teachers mispronounce it. 

Today's guest is Frances Vicente, an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher who lives and teaches in Montreal. Derek met Frances at the 2011 Jivamukti...