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Don't Forget Yoga Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

The Don't Forget Yoga Podcast helps new yoga teachers absorb yogic wisdom with music, mantras, and mnemonics.

Are you a new yoga teacher working on building your following?  If you're anything like I was, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of information you're expected to know. Anatomy, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit class themes, asana sequences, pranayama , and of course the names of all your students!

Host Derek Pashupa Goodwin is an advanced certified yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. He has always struggled with memorization, which led him on a journey of creating mnemonic strategies to help him remember yogic wisdom. He is a musician who loves wordplay, and his songs and playful rhymes and humor are featured throughout the show.

Each week on the Don't Forget Yoga Podcast,  you're going to learn a key principle of yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy, Hindu mythology, and other tools from the yoga teachers toolkit. 

If you're a yoga teacher who wants to overcome imposter syndrome, absorb yogic wisdom more easily, and  become an inspiration to other yoga teachers; go ahead and subscribe to the Don't Forget Yoga Podcast right here in your listening app. And download your first episode today!