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Travelling Metis

Apr 17, 2024

Host Samantha Loney talks to founder of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy Joanie McGuffin about why it is important to protect the Lake Superior watershed, how to work with Indigenous communities and her canoe journey across Turtle Island.

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Apr 10, 2024

Host Samantha Loney talks with Emily O’Hara from Tanshi Clay about starting her own business, healing generational trauma through beadwork and what it was like attending her first pow wow.

To check out the products available from Tanshi Clay, check out their socials and webiste below.


Apr 3, 2024

Host Samantha Loney talks with Brooke Wiens a councillor for the Niagara Metis Council about the importance of harvesting for Metis people, how she found community in Ontario after moving from Alberta, and what she hopes to see for the future of the Metis Nation.

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Mar 27, 2024

Host Samantha Loney talks with 2Spirited artist, Rihkee Strapp about the importance of 2Spirited people to Indigenous culture, what it means to be a socially-engaged artist and how to support artists in Northern Ontario.

Check out Rihkee’s art here.

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Mar 14, 2024

Join host Samantha Loney for the second season of the Travelling Metis podcast as she travels around the province of Ontario to discuss everything from canoeing, people’s first pow wow experiences and everyone’s favourite subject Bill C-53. Some of this season’s guest include Joanie McGuffin of the Lake...