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Travelling Metis

Sep 27, 2023

 Host Samantha Loney sits down with historian John Gaudaur Savage to discuss the fur trade and the unique way the Great Lakes Metis contributed to Metis history. Special appearances by environmental activist Erin Blondeau and artisan Kim Weldon.

Featured voice actors: Etienne Beausoleil, Grady MacTavish, Keith Smith,...

Sep 20, 2023

Host Samantha Loney sits down with Region Seven’s Metis Youth Council President, Jordyn Playne, to discuss what qualifies someone to be Metis, the benefits of connecting to community and how the recent rise of pretendians effects Metis youth.

Featured voice actors: Samantha Loney, Alyssa Andronyk, Zakiah Dumansky,...

Sep 13, 2023

Travelling Metis is comedy podcast hosted by Samantha Loney as she attempts to provide a better understanding of Metis culture using comedy with scripted vignettes, interviews with knowledge keepers and man on the street interviews.

In season one, we sit down with Metis artist Christi Belcourt, Juno nominated musician...