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Travelling Metis

Oct 18, 2023

Host Samantha sits down with filmmaker Jack Belhemeur and actress Olivia Lucas to discuss the importance of storytelling, what makes Metis people’s perspective so different and Metis people’s presence in the film industry. Special appearance by residential school and 60s scoop survivor advocate Vanessa Lamirande.

Oct 11, 2023

Host Samantha Loney sits down with Juno nominated artist Donny Parenteau to discuss Metis people’s impact on the music scene, how he got started as a musician and the famed Metis fiddle. Special appearance by Indigenous 150+ podcaster Nika Pazuik.

Featured voice actors: Samantha Loney, Alyssa Andronyk, Jill Lefaive

Oct 4, 2023

Host Samantha Loney sits down with artist Christi Belcourt to discuss the creation of her famed beadwork art, and the impact she hopes her work leaves on the environment. Special guest Kim Walden returns to continue her discussion on the struggles modern Metis artisans have in the modern technological age.