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Wealthy White Coat

Jun 13, 2023

In an ideal world, healthcare would be accessible to all. 

But we don't live in an ideal world.

In fact, we live in a world where lots of people are uninsured, have no primary care doctor, or, for whatever reason, can’t get to their doctor.

These people go months, years, or even decades without the care they need. Their conditions worsen, and they get stuck in a vicious cycle of calling 911 to get emergency care and then being told to follow up with their primary care doctor, which they obviously can't do.

Today's guest, the renowned pharmacist Victoria Reinhartz, recognized this problem and decided to tackle it hands-on. She established Mobile Health Consultants, a company that trains and develops mobilized healthcare teams that visit and treat patients proactively, breaking this cycle. 

Victoria has done something truly incredible with her PharmD, and today, she is here to tell us about her journey from retail pharmacy to community paramedicine and building something that didn't even exist before.

Tune in!


Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)

  • Fun fact about Victoria’s college background (01:17)

  • From retail pharmacy to community paramedicine (06:01)

  • Community paramedicine (10:48)

  • The services Victoria’s company offers (19:54)

  • The secret behind Victoria’s success (23:04)

  • What she’s most excited about (32:06)

  • Outro (34:06)

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