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Wealthy White Coat

May 16, 2023

Hey, White Coats!

I'm very excited about today's episode, as this is the first interview on the Wealthy White Coat podcast. And I'm even more excited to introduce our amazing guest and former student of mine - Dr. Sue Ojageer! 

Dr. Sue Ojageer is a highly experienced clinical pharmacist who is committed to elevating the standard of care in the healthcare industry. She is taking the world by storm after working as a retail pharmacist for 14 years. 

In today's episode, we're going to talk about her transition from a very traditional pharmacy practice to becoming a successful pharmacist entrepreneur, author, and digital creator. She’s going to walk us through her journey, explain how she was able to take action so quickly, and what role social media played in her journey. 

If you’re an aspiring pharmacist entrepreneur, you need to hear this! So make sure to tune in. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)

  • Sue’s backstory (01:11)

  • The details of her journey (03:18)

  • Being stuck in your career (07:03)

  • First steps for aspiring pharmacist entrepreneurs (11:12)

  • The power of social media (13:35)

  • Outro (32:25)


Connect with Dr. Sue Ojageer:

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Go to and:

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Wealth White Coat is a podcast dedicated to pharmacists who want to unlock their full potential and reshape the world of pharmacy. 

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