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Wealthy White Coat

Jun 20, 2023

Are you afraid to start a pharmacy business because you lack business experience? 

Today's guest is living proof that you shouldn't be.  

Meet Dr. Tara Schneider! 

Tara is a remarkable woman who has turned her career around in a way that is just crazy.

 After working as a hospital pharmacist for years, she realized she wanted more from life… 

 However, she had no business experience. But, unlike most people in this situation, she chose not to use that as a convenient excuse. 

 Instead, she followed her intuition, Googled everything she needed to know, and followed her dreams.  

Today, she is CEO and co-founder of POCTi, the Point of Care Testing Institute. 

 In just three years, she has transformed from a retail pharmacist to the owner of a very successful pharmacy consulting business, and she is here to tell us all about it, share some tips, and inspire some aspiring pharmacist entrepreneurs!  

Tune in. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Intro (00:00)

  • Tara’s background in pharmacy (02:04)

  • How she set up her pharmacy consulting business (04:43)

  • What services did Tara offer in the beginning (11:23)

  • The perks of running a virtual company (14:04)

  • Tara’s advice for aspiring pharmacists (16:50)

  • The hardest part of entrepreneurship (20:45)

  • Point of care testing (22:45)

  • On wealth (27:52)

  • Outro (29:50)


Connect with Dr. Tara Schneider:  

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