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Guys: With Bryan Quinby

Apr 16, 2024

We had artist Oliver Leach on to talk about Zombie Guys, can you kill a zombie with fire? Are there any obvious drawbacks to having sex with a zombie? We write a perfect zombie porno and read a lot of posts from guys that think zombies are real.

You can follow Oliver on Twitter at and you...

Apr 9, 2024

We brought Tom  back to talk about gambling guys. Did Michael Jordan fix games? Are the poker tables post-racial utopias? What makes guys Guys? Then we read some casino reviews that were really funny.

You can find Tom at The Trillbillies and their patreon (whichis great)

Apr 2, 2024

We had Todd Glass on to promote his new crowdfunding campaign Instagram at The Todd Glass Show and The Todd Glass Show Tik Tok

We talked about a ton of stuff in a chaotic episode that is very very fun. Would you tell your parents your Crytpo password? Would you tell your parents that you have...

Mar 28, 2024

Hey there, I wanted to unlock an epsiode that we did on the patreon because there is a crazy story in it and its an all around really fun episode! There is plenty more of Guys+ and streams and all kinds of other shows on

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Mar 26, 2024

It is game show week on Guys, we hate celebrity jeopardy so much, it is stupid. We also figure out what sort of PEDs the guests on Jeopardy are on. What is it like to go see The Price is Right or Wheel Of Fortune traveling road show (spoiler, there are babes there)

John Cullen hosts...