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Guys: With Bryan Quinby

Feb 6, 2024

We have been doing it for 1 full year we decided to have Mike come and make fun of me for collecting Legos, this week is a super sized guys for the 1 year anniversary! 

I know that we said Tom would be here and but he got stuck in the airport!

Thank you to everyone that supports the show, we really appreciate it, 1 year ago, launching this show was so scary to me and I want to thank a few people.

Chris, of course but also:

Chapo Trap House for having me on a few times to promote, Jon Gabrus for coming on episode 3 and the doughboys for doing a very early episode, Mike and Jesse from Your Kickstarter sucks for coming on like a million times and the guys from Pendejo Time who had me on the show to promote very early on. Stefan and John from Blocked Party for always jumping in to help if we have a cancellation, Drew Spears for helping me get my archive and Tom Sexton for always being on the show. All of the guests that came on to a show that most of them have no idea what it is! My friends from the woods who were there during my meltdown. And again, I cannot overstate this enough, Thank you to Chris for doing this show and making it fun and encouraging me to try new things in my career. Katy and Gwen for living the lifestyle we did before this show took off and for never blaming me for us being broke even though I was probably the cause.

There is much more Chris at and of course

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