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Guys: With Bryan Quinby

Jun 18, 2024

We had Jack Wagner on to talk about alien guys, not aliens that are guys but guys that believe in aliens. What could Deftones possibly have to do with aliens? What percentage of the worlds nukes would it take to kill the alien invaders? What is it like to mind-meld with a...

Jun 4, 2024

The first Sequel Episode!!!! We brought Chris Wade back to talk about Classic Rock Guys again! You know we listened to some Michael Noland!!! He doesn't like the show "America's Got Toilet" and thinks it is ruining music!!! We looked at Ticketmaster reviews and also Rate Your Music reviews!!

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May 28, 2024

We covered comic book guys this week with a certified comic book author. What is slabbing? What sort of life lessons can you learn from Batman? How do you get into comic book collecting and did you know there is a whole culture around it? 

You can find Jordasn on twitter at and of...

May 14, 2024

This week on Guys we had our friends (Lauren, Jane Ost and Stephen) from Batting Aroundto talk about America's pastime, the game of baseball. We talk about the powerful and beautiful umpires, the hall of fame, and the worst part about seeing a baseball game...children

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May 7, 2024

We took a scattershot approach to DJs because there are like a million of them, from middle school dance questions to Steve Aoki's cold cheap beans to strip club DJs and old guys that hate rap! It is a cool show because DJs are cool

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