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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales

Apr 11, 2023

In this podcast, Kevin and Sean talk to Tim Warren, the founder and CEO of Helium SEO. Tim talks about his background and how he got into sales. He discusses his experience in building technical engineering-focused SEO and SEM campaigns for mid-size and enterprise clients. He also explains how his company has been able to drive higher ROI for its clients.

Tim shares his leadership journey as a sales leader and how he has learned that star salespeople don't always make great coaches. He emphasizes the importance of having a sales process in place and training salespeople effectively to ensure consistency in performance. Tim also talks about the challenges of growing a sales team, such as hiring the right people and scaling the team without sacrificing quality. He reinforces why his LinkedIn profile says that he is "Recruiting rockstars to build Helium to $100M. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?"

This podcast provides insights into Tim Warren's sales journey and his approach to building and leading successful sales teams.

You can reach Tim at and Helium SEO is at

You can reach out to Kevin at Lighthouse Sales Advisors & Sales Xceleration - -

You can reach out to Sean at New Sales Expert, LLC & Sales Xceleration - Sean@NewSales.Expert -