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The Pankhurst Presents: Health Tech Matters

Feb 28, 2023

The Pankhurst Presents: Health Tech Matters (HTM) is a podcast about technology and healthcare. It is hosted by Videha Sharma and Lamiece Hassan, from the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation.

In each episode, we interview leading researchers, innovators and healthcare professionals linked with the Pankhurst Institute about how advances in areas such as digital health, advanced materials and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of healthcare. 

Podcast team

Dr Videha Sharma hosts the HTM podcast. Videha is doctor in the NHS with a PhD in healthinformatics. He is interested in health data, digital transformation and user-centred design.Dr

Lamiece Hassan, a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester,co-hosts and edits the HTMpodcast. Lamiece’s research blends psychology, data science and computer science using real-worddata from sources such as electronic health records, social media and wearables to generate insightsabout health.