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Jan 29, 2024

Ep 22 - In today's episode, I'm interviewing Chrystal Cuellar. She's an alcohol free coach who empowers women to embrace an alcohol free life and find their purpose.  I'm excited about our conversation today because we get to compare our experiences as alcohol free coaches.  In witnessing transformation, in understanding what it takes to stay the course, and in identifying resistances to getting the help they need to change their relationship with alcohol.

02:57 The Impact of Alcohol on Relationships
05:09 The Importance of Coaching in Overcoming Alcohol Dependence
08:04 The Challenges of Social Anxiety and Alcohol
13:53 The Role of Faith in Overcoming Alcohol Dependence
14:43 The Physical Changes Experienced in Sobriety
19:03 The Resistance to Paying for Coaching
23:17 The Financial Impact of Alcohol Dependence
24:28 The Benefits of Sobriety on Personal and Professional Life
33:54 The Importance of Patience in the Journey to Sobriety

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