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Mar 25, 2024

EP 26 - This week's guest is Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of psychology and the clinical director of the PsyD in the clinical psychology program at Liberty University.  He has served as the clinical director of the International Board of Christian Counselors as part of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is also on the executive board of the Society for Christian Psychology. 

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jenkins specializes in the integration of Christian faith and clinical practice.  He's worked extensively with addictive, mood, and anxiety disorders in the context  of individual, marital, group, and family therapy. Dr. Jenkins has provided education, consultation, supervision, and training for a variety of churches, ministries, and professionals. 

He's also an author and speaker at conferences, seminars, and retreats.  In this two part series, I get to ask him a lot of my burning questions that I've had about the clinical aspect of addiction, the integrative model of addiction, and the history of languaging and stigma surrounding substance use disorder over the decades. 

03:10 The Personal Story of Dr. Jenkins: A Journey of Faith and Psychology
10:50 Exploring the History and Stigma of Addiction
11:35 The Evolution of Addiction Treatment: From AA to Modern Approach
20:30 Integrating Models for a Holistic Approach to Addiction
24:20 The Role of Spirituality in Overcoming Addiction
27:54 The Power of Forgiveness and Moving Forward
29:30 Rebuilding Trust
30:37 Letting Go and Finding New Beginnings
36:54 The Complexity of Addiction and Recovery
39:14 Integrating Multiple Models for Healing

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