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Jan 15, 2024

Ep 21 - Today we're going to talk to Dr. Tom McGinn from Omaha, Nebraska.  Tom is a gastroenterologist  who sees and treats patients on a regular basis with various disorders that come about as a result of excessive alcohol use.  We're going to spend a whole lot of time learning about the effects of alcohol on our bodies. 

Tom's Insights, shed light on the concerning rise in alcohol related diseases and deaths.  And he shares some of the key tests and indicators you'll need to find out if your liver is at risk.  Not to worry though, we also discuss some preventative and restorative measures as well.  I get to share some of my health improvements in my own alcohol free journey. 

03:53 Alcohol's Impact on Different Types of Cancer
08:48 The Journey of Patients with Alcoholism
09:40 The Rising Issue of Alcohol Consumption
10:49 The Role of Honesty in Patient-Doctor Interactions
17:31 The Connection between Alcohol and Metabolic Health
24:21 The Reversibility of Fatty Liver Disease
26:30 The Importance of Education on Alcohol Consumption
27:38 The Effects of Quitting Alcohol
29:35 Alcohol and Leaky Gut Syndrome
30:36 The Social Acceptance of Alcohol
37:28 The Need for Better Alcohol Awareness and Regulation
43:30 The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle
45:27 Conclusion: The Power of Quitting Alcohol

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