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The Head of the Snake

Feb 14, 2023

The Head of the Snake is about a man named Fecketty down on his luck. After being fired from his job, he is confronted with a giant bloodthirsty snake in his basement. Ridiculous and horrifying things follow. This podcast is body horror and cosmic science fiction.

The Head of the Snake was created with a music-first mindset. The music was created first by Aljoscha Guenther and then turned in to Jared Parisi to write the script.

Direction, Writing, Editing, Narration: Jared Parisi
Music: Aljoscha Guenther
Artwork: Ozzie Sneddon
Sound Design: Ben Ridge

The Head of the Snake is a Su Madre Podcasts production:
Aljoscha Guenther:
Ozzie Sneddon:
Ben Ridge:

Special thanks: Amy, Heather, Melissa, Jane, and Hayden.