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Chasing Excellence

Apr 24, 2018

I'm answering some of the most common nutrition questions we get at the gym, from which supplements I recommend to intermittent fasting, from hydration to how much red meat is too much. Show Notes: 00:00:50 - Watch all the CFNE Way Episodes here: 00:02:22 - What sources would you recommend for a deeper dive into learning about nutrition? 00:04:30 - Grab Michael Pollan's books here: "In Defense of Food [], "Omnivore's Dilemma" [], "Food Rules" [] 00:05:15 - Robb Wolf's website: 00:05:57 - Grab Robb Wolf's books here: "Paleo Solution" [], "Wired to Eat" [] 00:05:50 - Watch the Joe Rogan/Robb Wolf episode here: 00:06:01 - Grab Gary Taubes's books here: "Good Calories, Bad Calories" [], "Why We Get Fat" [], "The Case Against Sugar" [] 00:06:50 - Chris Kresser's website here: 00:08:06 - What supplement is overused? 00:09:02 - What supplement is underused? 00:10:24 - What is cod liver oil & why should I take it? 00:12:23 - Are veggies still good if I turn them into a shake? 00:13:36 - How much red meat is too much red meat? 00:14:37 - What is a good alternative if I can't afford grass-fed/wild caught meats? 00:16:17 - If I have a race or event coming up, should I carb load? 00:16:48 - What is intermittent fasting? 00:17:53 - How hydrated do I need to be normally? 00:20:20 - Are more, smaller meals better than fewer, larger ones? 00:22:37 - If I'm eating the amount I should, why am I still hungry?