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Chasing Excellence

Aug 29, 2023

We're talking through 4 listener questions this week:

πŸ“ As an aging CrossFit athlete, are there resources available to help me push myself to be better while ensuring that I am doing so safely, especially when it comes to knowing when to push through an injury and how to monitor my heart rate effectively?

πŸ“ How can you determine the appropriate food intake to support exercise without promoting fat gain?

πŸ“ As a firefighter working 48-hour shifts and living in a different time zone, should I play catch up on sleep during my off days or stick to a normal 8 hours? And when on shift, should I try to go to bed at my normal time in my home time zone or the same time for the work time zone?

πŸ“ How can I continue to use positive language to help my children understand that eating healthy and exercising are about being strong and healthy, rather than valuing being "skinny" for the wrong reasons, given my past struggle with an eating disorder?

Plus, we'll be recapping the 2023 CrossFit Games to close the episode out.

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